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“I’m searching for an effective way to engage parents to be confident contributors to their children’s improved emotional health.”

The Parent Hope Project and The Parent Confidence Project

Research-based parent awareness programs for use in services that support families.
  • User-friendly manualised programs, &
  • Training and learning support for professionals
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The Parent Hope Project is a social enterprise that seeks to be accessible to all.

If the costs of training prevent you or your service from registering, please get in touch with us to discuss discounts:

Confident Parent Group Facilitator Training

Train to utilise edited sections of the complete seminar series and promote discussion for parent groups.

To find out more, and to register your interest, visit the Confident Parent Group Facilitator Training page.

While this program focusses on parents making changes to themselves, be assured that this is not at all about blaming parents. Parents are not to blame for their young person’s difficulties since many complex factors contribute to symptom development… However, parents can play an important part towards children’s growth in responsible independence by adjusting how they interact with their young person. In this way parents find that they can let go of guilt and recover their hopefulness.

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About the training programs

A research-based program for those who work with children, parents and families

There are 2 manualised programs for helping parents to make a positive project out of themselves and reduce their anxious focus on their children/young people. Based on Dr Jenny Brown’s research with parents and on the ground-breaking research of Murray Bowen MD – developer of Bowen family systems theory.

Key elements of both programs:

  • Reduces parent’s focus on changing their child and redirects them to changing themselves in relation to their children.
  • Different to a psycho-education course: this program facilitates parent self-discovery through reflecting on interactional sequences and thinking about stories of other parents applying key ideas. Hence it is more of a therapeutic intervention than an information seminar.

For professionals in child and family mental health. A manualised intervention program for parents of symptomatic children and young people.

Professionals who train and are credentialed to use the Parent Hope Project can also utilise the Parent Confidence Program.

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For those who lend a hand to parents in the challenging task of raising children. A preventative manualised individual and group program for concerned parents.

You don’t need to be a trained mental health clinician to utilise this program. It is for any helpers who work to support families (i.e. educators, counsellors, pastoral carers workers)

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